Now African

Have you ever considered what you can do to change things? But you wake up the next day and the reflection on how you can make the world a better place far gone.

Today is the second date with this attractive woman you met at this bar downtown where you always hang out after work. Not only is she beautiful but she seems to be smart too. You are probably going to bring her to your brand new apartment explaining to her how you became successful. You like her smile. The cab stops right away and you have just enough time to notice this university ad on some child soldier event, the picture shows a young male carrying a weapon.

It’s an AK47 actually and Sumaili, aged 10, can load and unload it in a couple of minutes. His skills also include: managing a group of young soldiers, locating villages to loot and when aiming at a target with his grenade, he never misses. He already has six years experience and at age 16 he will probably end up a very accomplished war criminal by age 25.

You are 33 with a degree from highly ranked school, working in a top 10 firm for the past six years and living the hip,  life of New York City. Director? You’ll make it, no problem.

War criminal? Sumaili decided not to.

Now AfriCAN is a non-profit organization whose mission is to professionally and socially empower African youth living in post-conflict zones through microfinance, education and the media.